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Junction piece machine dryer

A working principle
drum knot piece a cooling crystallization process of molten liquid material disk and cooling of the drum contact surface material in the drum membrane, through the membrane material and drum wall between the heat transfer, so that material film cooling, crystallization, the crystallization of membrane material was scraped scraper, a sheet product.
Drum drying is through the rotating drum to heat conduction, the outer wall of the liquid load drum material or ribbon material to a continuous operation of heating and drying equipment.
2, device performance characteristics of
reached the age level of foreign equipment; with side scraper, avoiding the drum side-product materials; equipment, compact structure, small footprint; half-pipe jacket-style feed tray, safe and reliable; Spray cooling, the cooling effect is good; infinitely adjustable variable speed drum; drum and high precision; wide scope of application; artificial simple, flexible; use of multiple sets of scraper, regulating flexible; multi-functional, you can knot films can also dry.
3, the application scope of
1, junction oligomer film
polyethylene, petroleum resins, polyethylene oxide and other polymer products; phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, naphthalene, Peregal, high fatty alcohols, fluorine acetic acid, three carboxymethyl propane, Guanidine nitrate, bisphenol occasional stupid two stearic acid and other organic chemical products.
2, dry
sulfide blue, sulfide yuan and other slurry dye; carbonate sodium dihydrogen phosphate, magnesium chloride and other inorganic materials solution; skim milk, milk and other food solution.

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