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Vacuum rake dryer

Vacuum rake dryer with a simple structure, easy operation, long life cycle, stable performance and reliable, steam consumption is small, versatility, product quality is good, especially for non-high temperature, flammable, easily oxidized at high temperature paste materials like dry, the aircraft long-term use by the users proved to be a good drying equipment.

Vacuum rake dryer 0.5M35M3

Model and technical parameters

The main parameters Model Nominal Capacity
Heat transfer area
A loading(M3) Absolute working pressure Operating Temperature
Spindle Speed
Material Weight
(length width height)
Cylinder body
Clip kit
XPG0.5 0.5 1.86 0.2 0.021 0.686 435 1520 Spindle:3/5.5
XPG1 1 6 0.75 0.021 0.686 435 9 A3 3400 5.5 37009453270
1Cr18Ni9Ti 3300
XPG2 2 8 1.2 0.021 0.588 425 9 A3 4900 11 457011303455
1Cr18Ni9Ti 4800
XPG3 3 11.5 1.8 0.021 0.588 425 9 A3 6400 15 607611302980
1Cr18Ni9Ti 6300
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